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The Only End-To-End Public Safety Software Portfolio
The Motorola Solutions public safety software suite is the only end-to-end software platform that provides a unified experience and intelligent capabilities designed specifically for public safety. The portfolio integrates emergency call handling, command and control, records and evidence, and broadband push-to-talk (PTT). Each solution is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid.

Unify disparate software and experience powerful new features and functionality, including unified workflows, design that's micro tailored to each public safety role, and intelligent assistance to automate and enhance processes.

Mission-Critical Public Safety Software
Your team is tested and challenged every day. By unifying data and streamlining workflows from end to end, CommandCentral puts your information to better use, improves safety for your teams and restores your focus on the communities you serve.

  • Unified Data
    Manage increasingly complex information through a unified platform that centralizes public safety big data with augmented intelligence to guide better decisions.
  • Streamlined Workflows
    Leverage unique integrations and consistent user experiences intuitively rendered to accelerate workflows, simplify digital interactions and help your teams get more done.
  • Effortless Evolution
    Easily adopt new features through constant, agile development and flexible deployment options to meet your needs, on your timeline, without disrupting mission-critical performance.

Enabling Fast, Accurate Response Today and Tomorrow
Emergency call handling solutions from Motorola Solutions are designed to help you maximize the first critical minute when a call is received. Solutions like CallWorks CallStation and the VESTA® 9-1-1 suite simplify the process of capturing and managing information by ingesting cell phone calls, texts, video and mapping into one console, instantaneously. Key information about the caller such as their identity, location, and the best language to use, are all relayed before a call taker answers the call. Intelligent mapping pinpoints the location to help call takers know exactly where the caller and nearby resources are to immediately populate that information. These NG9-1-1 solutions help streamline operations even further by letting you answer calls within your CAD system, so you stay focused and don't duplicate information. Now you can answer a call, create an incident and dispatch response in as few as four keystrokes.

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Right Information to the Right People – Right Away
When speed and decisiveness are critical, command and control solutions from Motorola Solutions help you get the right information to the right responders, fast. Dispatchers can keep their eyes focused on their CAD screen where resources are assigned to an incident talk group. They see radio IDs displayed within CAD, in a Push-To-Talk (PTT) window, so they always know who is talking. Non-radio users on broadband PTT can join an incident group as well. Dispatchers always know the location of field resources, regardless of whether they are in a vehicle, on foot, or in a pursuit. Responder Alert sensor technology alerts your command center when help is needed fast. Dispatchers can monitor a situation as it develops and change tactics on a dime.

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Create and Leverage a Foundation of Knowledge
Records and evidence solutions from Motorola Solutions are designed to help you complete reports faster, turn insight into difference-making action, and relieve crushing administrative burdens. Our first-of-its-kind consolidated records and evidence solution empowers productivity across your operation by creating and leveraging one complete foundation of knowledge. Comprehensive, automated data collection helps free your officers from tedious reporting processes. Advanced logic and context engines reduce administrative burdens by automatically completing processes and managing tasks. Instant accessibility with new and improved ways to visualize information ensure data is discoverable and useful. All associated incident content such as a case report, witness statements, victim statements, body-worn video, in-car video, and call logs can be immediately referenced from a single incident report. In one single platform automated redaction, all evidence, public, private, and federal records, can be made available to quickly analyze, correlate and package. Then, data can be analyzed to inform better patrol decisions going forward.

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Broadband push-to-talk solutions from the Public Safety Software Suite can help keep your teams connected and more productive with instant voice communication and data sharing that has no boundaries. Users on two-way radios, smartphones, tablets, and laptops can communicate seamlessly with one another. They can easily share voice, text, photos, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button – all from one PTT application. Broadband PTT helps seamlessly connect different personnel together regardless of network, location or device used. Plus, it's easy to enable MCPTT-Compliant Communication, enhance delivery through Quality of Service (QoS), and even add Priority and Preemption through a carrier-integrated application.

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Public Safety Is Evolving. Your Software Should Too.
Motorola Solutions created the only end-to-end public safety software suite. It's the only complete, software solution that provides an integrated, unified experience and intelligent capabilities designed specifically for public safety. The portfolio helps your teamwork smarter and more efficiently every step of the way.

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